Super Mario Flash 2 title screen.

Super Mario Flash 2 (also known as SMF2) is an online Flash game (hence the name) port of the famous SNES game Super Mario World, developed by Pouetpu Games. It is also a sequel of his previous game, Super Mario Flash (which is an online Flash game port of the famous SNES game Super Mario Bros. All-Stars). It is available to play on many websites, including Pouetpu Games.

Title Screen Option, you may practice, roam around, and attack some enemies. Although in Super Mario World, it is not possible.Edit

1 Player GameEdit

This mode, in terms of gameplay and plot, is exactly the same as Super Mario Mario World, with a few minor differences. This is the main mode of the game, and most new players play this mode before playing with the

Usage of buttons:

  • Create: Let players make their own levels
  • Edit: Edit made/loaded levels
  • Level Info: See information of your level like level name, comment and author name.
  • Delete: Delete current level
  • Load Code: Load a level code to play/edit
  • Code: See your level's level code and copy
  • Play: Play current level
  • Get Code: Go to Pouetpu Games' Level portal section
  • Go back: Go to the Main Menu

Game InfoEdit

This is where to get information about the game, such as game version. There's also a link to Pouetpu Games home.


The player can choose whether if sound and music is played or not and see the game's controls

or change evreything.

Differences from Super Mario WorldEdit

Despite being a port, Super Mario Flash 2 has many differences from Super Mario World, such as:

SNES Version of Super Mario World.

  • In Super Mario Flash 2, Mario can't Spin Jump, while in Super Mario World he can.
  • Super Mario Flash 2 lacks some types of tiles, notably the Dragon


  • Super Mario Flash 2 also lacks some backgrounds from Super Mario World. However, the backgrounds from Super Mario World can be used using the custom background feature.
  • Super Mario Flash 2 does not contain Koopalings; however, it does include Bowser, as well as Boom-Boom, who was not present in the original Super Mario World.
  • The Bowser battle in Super Mario Flash 2 is different from the Bowser battle in Super Mario World due to restrictions in enemy sprites. Specifically, Mechakoopas are replaced with nearly identical Galoombas, Bowser never flies away or drops fires in between phases, and Princess Toadstool doesn't drop Super Mushrooms.
  • Stars have a longer effect in Super Mario Flash 2.
  • Most notably, Super Mario World does not contain Level Editor, while Super Mario Flash 2 does.
  • Levels in First-Person Game are different than Super Mario World levels.


Play Super Mario Flash 2 at Pouetpu Games

Super Mario Flash Extra Fourms



  • The player can control small Mario with Yoshi at the Main Menu in a small room.
  • If you hold C and H when selecting a level in First-Person Game, you will access a secret area filled with power-ups instead of the actual level. "Clearing" this secret area counts as beating the level, but it cannot unlock Switch Palaces.
  • You can get Bowser (as well as many other sprites and tiles) by code editing, but not by SMF2's level editor.
  • Despite mostly being a port of Super Mario World, Super Mario Flash 2 also uses some tiles, enemies, and music from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.

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